A real home is never finished. It was something I was never taught during my design career, but I learned it at some point during the second or third home renovation of my own. My growing family meant regular upheaval, and life with children has well and truly put paid to any notion I ever had of that serene, tranquil haven I’d seen in Elle decoration.

But that’s okay. In fact that’s better than okay. Because “finished” is a hotel room, a trendy bar, that one restaurant toilet that everybody has on their Instagram. It’s not a home. So in a way, to say that at Ruba Home we curate “finishing” touches is a contradiction in terms. But then, life is full of contradictions.

And that’s the way I think it should be - challenging, bold, brave, ever-changing, and whatever you want it to be. And so should your home. Your home should be your favourite place in the world - a compilation of all the complicated elements that make you different, special, unique.

So that’s why I created Ruba Home - to help turn spaces into the inspiring, beautiful madness I see reflected in all of us and how we live. Our mission is to find charming, unique pieces that don’t break the bank, but you’ll love like the latest member of the family.